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Mon, 07/01/2013 - 23:11 -- Julian
Silver (silver #13-028g) is bonded to Ti-Gris (brown lop #14-034b); they must be adopted together.

Silver takes good care of her special-needs friend, Ti-Gris: exploring new places first to make sure it is safe, leading him around new environments, and helping him keep clean.

Silver is energetic, curious, and adventurous. She loves to explore new rooms and play with toys (especially if they were meant for cats). Silver is happy to meet new animal friends, and puts her nose up at her gate to greet the cats in her foster home. She also likes human attention and affection after she has had a chance to get to know you.

Because he is deaf, has head tilt, and has trouble blinking, Ti-Gris needs a loving home that can accommodate his special requirements. Ti-Gris needs two types of eye drops twice a day to help his eyes. Ti-Gris would do well in a quiet home because he can get spooked easily on account of his limited hearing and vision issues. He also has some accidents with using the litter box, and needs a home that can be patient and loving with him as he tries his best to please his humans.

Ti-Gris doesn't let his health issues stop him from enjoying life. He loves to hang out and run around with his best buddy Silver, play inside boxes, and he gets so excited for supper time that he runs around in circles. This little guy is very lovable and affectionate and loves to be stroked. As his foster mom says: "to spend time with him is to love him."
More about Silver
Animal ID:13-028g
Breed:Silver Marten
Age:4 years 2 months
Spayed or Neutered?:Yes
Location:Foster Home