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Mon, 07/01/2013 - 23:11 -- Julian
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Trinity and Silver were rescued together, and would like to stay with each other. Trinity can be timid when you first meet her, but as soon as she has gotten to know you, she is very friendly with both adults and kids. She likes nose and head rubs, and having her side tickled too. This courageous gal likes to explore new places, and is usually up for a shoulder top adventure!

Industrious Trinity also likes to keep busy - building and rebuilding her nest. Since she likes to be active, toys like toilet paper rolls, tissue boxes or blocks are good for her entertainment. She also loves to eat, and has good manners when you hand feed her. She holds her food daintily in her paws and munches happily away.

Silver is a social gal who would do great with kids and other (non-predatory) animals. This brown-eyed-girl watches everything you do with curiosity, always hoping it is time to hang out with her people.

Silver has a bit of a head tilt (the residual effect of an upper respiratory infection that was treated when she arrived in our care), which might be throwing her balance off a little bit, though that doesn't stop her from climbing all over the inside and outside of her cage. Careful handling also seems to help her stay upright. Like her pal Trinity, she likes to get out for a shoulder ride and loves getting tickles or pets, and repays your generosity with licks on your fingers.
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Animal ID:16-045b
Age:1 year 5 months
Spayed or Neutered?:No
Location:Foster Home