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Sun, 10/26/2014 - 19:02 -- KAR
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In the fall we were contacted about helping three six-month old kittens that were born to a stray cat. This stray cat had given birth to several litters over the last few years. We wanted to (and did) help the kittens but we also wanted to help the momma. We were told she was pretty wild but she had accepted pets a few times, which said to us she had potential.

We dropped off a live trap and a few days later she was captured. She immediately went for a vet check up and it was determined she was very pregnant. We got her into a foster home as quickly as possible and only six hours after landing in her foster home - and 24 hours after being live trapped - she went into labour. That night she delivered four kittens. Sadly, the runt of the litter passed a few days later despite our best efforts.

We know that without intervention none of the kittens would have survived – the day they were born it was -17 outside. This will be the last litter for our sweet Noelle and we are grateful that this time it’s in the warmth of a loving foster home.