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To end the suffering of animals with rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, and education.

Mon, 06/23/2014 - 10:14 -- Julian
  • Rusty the bunny
    Rusty is a sweet male rex rabbit.
  • Freckles the bunny
    Freckles is a lop/rex cross with lovely colouring.
  • Poppy the bunny
    Poppy is a friendly lop bunny.
  • Rosie the bunny
    Rosie is a friendly, energetic bunny.
  • Dolly the bunny
    Dolly is a petite beauty.
  • Henry, a big bunny
    Henry is a big boy (12 pounds) with a beautiful coat.
  • Soloman the bunny
    Soloman, a big boy.
  • Chloe, a French lop
    Chloe is a French lop - a mix of lop and flemish giant
  • Max the bunny
    Max is a large bunny with satin-like fur.
  • Lilo, a big bunny
    Lilo is a big, sweet, girl.
  • Fletcher, a french lop
    Fletcher is a French lop who weighs 14 pounds.
  • Guinea pigs
    Norman and Lila, guinea pigs.
  • Guinea pig
    Buttercup, guinea pig.

In late April news of an animal hoarding/neglect situation in Amherstview – a community just a few kilometres outside of Kingston – broke. We learned that many rabbits and small animals were involved. We immediately offered our assistance. 

The notice on the door indicated that 14 rabbits, 4 guineas and 1 reptile were removed from the house; deceased animals were also found inside the home. Once cleared to do so, the OSPCA asked us to take in the rabbits and guinea pigs (the reptile was adopted). Sadly, within a few days – before coming to us – three rabbits and one guinea pig passed away, leaving 11 bunnies and 3 guinea pigs needing our help. 

We rallied foster homes and support and within a week were busy setting up new foster homes with these sweet rescued bunnies and piggies. We are grateful to those who opened their homes and hearts. All animals are now thriving in their foster homes.