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Sun, 06/28/2015 - 19:58 -- Alison
  • Amelia and her kittens

It’s been busy! In the last few weeks we have rescued 18 cats and kittens including a stray momma cat and her four young kittens on Friday. The very next day one of our volunteers alerted us to a single young kitten in need. Not knowing many details but sensing the urgency of the situation we said: “just go and get her. We’ll find a spot.”

Darren, an adorable midnight black fluffy girl, is about five weeks old. We opted to try her with the stray momma in the hopes that she could be integrated. It took about two days, but as you can see momma Amelia and new siblings, Oliver, Margot, Fred and Tubs, have welcomed Darren into their wee family. We are delighted that Darren will have a momma and siblings to learn and grow with until she is ready for her forever family.