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Mon, 08/10/2015 - 20:44 -- Alison
  • Flash the guinea pig

A few weeks ago guinea pig Flash seemed to not be feeling well. He didn’t want to eat and seemed like he might be in pain. Guinea pigs and bunnies have very delicate digestive systems that can be easily upset. We initially thought he might have gas. After treating him for this and not seeing any real improvement, Flash went to the vet where it was determined he was suffering from dental issues. Flash didn’t have an easy start to his life: when he arrived in our care he was already missing part of his upper lip, likely the result of a fight or injury.

Flash travelled to Toronto to see a specialist. While there he underwent additional diagnostic testing, which revealed that Flash had a bladder stone in addition to having dental problems. Flash had surgery to correct both issues and stayed at the clinic for several days to recover. He has been back with his foster mom for about 10 days now. His recovery has been slow – he requires medication and force feeding – but happily he is starting to show interest in food again and act more like himself. All signs point to a full recovery in the coming weeks.

Big or small, young or old, all animals that come into our care – regardless of the form they take – deserve and receive the same level of love and care. Flash is not “just a guinea pig” – he is Flash, a living, feeling, being who deserves a chance at the good life.