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Sat, 11/29/2014 - 12:46 -- KAR
  • Joshua and Jake the guinea pigs
    Joshua (left) is bonded to Jake (right). They were very happy to be reunited following Joshua's surgery.

Sweet Joshua recently travelled to Toronto recently to see a small animal specialist after his foster home noticed that he didn’t seem to be eating properly. We suspected that he may have a problem with his teeth, which the veterinarian confirmed.

Joshua underwent surgery to correct his teeth. Thankfully he recovered from the surgery easily and very quickly began eating again – it was clear that he felt a lot better and his zest for life – and eating – had returned.

We’re so happy that Joshua is now doing well. This is a great example of how small animals – just like dogs and cats – require proper veterinary care and can experience significant medical issues that can be addressed through proper and immediate medical care.