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Tue, 05/10/2016 - 11:31 -- Alison
  • Lottie the rabbit

We rescued Lottie on Sunday May 8. She has broken toes and an infection so severe it is eating away at her foot. After assessment and x-rays with a local vet, she was rushed to the Ontario Veterinary College on May 9.  She has been assessed by the specialists there and, thankfully, her prognosis is positive. Lottie has been on IV and oral antibiotics, as well as pain medication. This afternoon (May 10) she will undergo surgery to amputate her right back leg at the femur.

We desperately need your help to pay for this very big and unexpected surgery. We just dealt with another bunny's surgery a few weeks ago (mass removed from her trachea), along with a number of other emergencies in the rescue and our funds are beyond depleted.

Lottie’s surgery and care is estimated at $2,000.

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Lottie is out of surgery! She had her right back leg has been amputated at the femur on May 10th. Everything went extremely well. She was very stable under anesthetic, recovered quickly and is already hopping around!

We are unbelievably happy and grateful. There is such joy in knowing she is safe and imagining her future – a future we weren't sure she would have at all. Thank you!