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Thu, 07/17/2014 - 19:07 -- KAR

In January we welcomed this trio of ridiculously cute kittens. Sadly, they were found in a snow bank in the deep of winter, alone and cold. Marlee, the little black and white girl, was so cold that she couldn’t move and was at first thought to be dead.

They rushed to the vet. Franklin, the orange kitten, and Macie, the grey and white kitten, were found to be in good health. Marlee was in very poor condition – she was unable to walk and was unresponsive.

The clinic began slowly warming her up and amazingly she became more and more alert and eventually began to walk! A few hours later Marlee was able to reunite with her siblings and she continues to do well. This little girl is our very own Christmas miracle!

She is extra special, too: if you look closely you’ll see she only has two toes on each paw. The kittens were adopted and went to loving homes once they were old enough to be separated.