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Fri, 11/13/2015 - 21:52 -- Alison
  • Tigris the bunny
    *Tigris had surgery on November 11, 2015.

Our sweet Tigris will be going for a big surgery this week. Tigris came into our care unexpectedly last year. His guardian had adopted another bunny, Silver, from us to bond with Tigris. They fell in love and formed a close bond. Unfortunately, someone in the home developed allergies and we were asked to take Silver back. Since Silver and Tigris were bonded, we took them both in so they could stay together.

Sadly, Tigris developed symptoms earlier this year that suggested something was off. He travelled to Toronto to see a specialist, who diagnosed Tigris with an abscess in both of his ears. This is likely very painful for him and has affected his hearing. It’s a big surgery and a big expense – approximately $1,000, which is in addition to the $500 already spent on his diagnostics and medication. Funds are very tight right now. This surgery was unexpected and is urgent.

DONATE NOW  $1,100 has been raised as of Nov 21. The actual cost of Tigris's surgery was $1,226, making the cost of his care to date more than $1,700.