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Fri, 03/11/2016 - 14:06 -- Alison
  • Wallie the golden retriever

Last week we welcomed Wallie to the rescue. We found him on the side of the road all alone. After checking that he wasn’t listed missing anywhere, registering him as lost with animal control, checking for a microchip and keeping an eye on lost pet postings and posters, it seems no one is looking for Wallie. His condition suggests he has been on his own for a while: he is very thin, was severely matted and his nails were extremely overgrown. When Wallie arrived he was incredibly hungry and thirsty. Since coming into our care Wallie has been groomed (no more mattes!) and to the vet for a check up and blood work (including 4DX testing for heartworm among other diseases). Thankfully, Wallie’s results were normal.

On March 7 he went to the vet for a dental cleaning. Wallie had some of the worst teeth the vet had seen in a long time. Wallie had 13 teeth removed and the remaining ones cleaned. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with tapeworm, which he is being treated for. Estimated to be at least 10 years old, Wallie seems quite stiff so we have opted to provide him with a weekly injection of medication to help with this. Between the dental work, deworming and arthritis treatment, we hope that Wallie starts to feel much better very soon.

Please consider donating to help Wallie. His recent vet visit was more than expected (approximately $900). Just under $400 has been donated towards his care. It’s only with your support that we can help Wallie and other animals like him.