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Mon, 07/01/2013 - 23:11 -- Julian
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Pepper (11-0038b) and Salt (11-0038a) are bonded and must be adopted together.

Salt and Pepper are a bonded pair who must be adopted together. They are living free range at their foster home and are well behaved buns who know not to chew furniture. They get along well with their cat foster sibling. Both bunnies are very affectionate toward each other but do not enjoy excessive handling by people. They know when to expect breakfast and dinner, and will hop over with expectant looks if their foster parent gets anywhere near the treat cupboard.

Pepper is affectionate and enjoys head scratches, and regularly exercises by taking laps around the house. Salt is far more reserved, and will tolerate pets when a treat is involved.

Both bunnies are a little messy around the litter box; they know to keep to their blanket area but are not consistent with using the box. A shallow box or litter pad would be preferred.

Pepper and Salt are health checked and spayed.
More about Pepper
Animal ID:11-0038b
Breed:Holland Lop
Age:7 years 9 months
Spayed or Neutered?:Yes
Location:Foster Home