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Mon, 07/01/2013 - 23:11 -- Julian
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Hi! I'm Rosie. I came into the care of Kingston Animal Rescue in March of 2017 after being found outside in the snow on a cold afternoon, and I have created many smiles and laughs for my foster family ever since!

I am a friendly, funny, curious, completely litter box trained, and very tidy bunny. I spend a lot of my day curled up in a plastic box that I have in my pen; it makes me feel safe.  Inside the box is a telephone book covered with a blanket. Sometimes I just sit on it, other times I dig out the telephone book to rip out a page and chew. Every once in a while, I get a burst of energy and do laps on the carpet! Once I am tired of that, I will flop on my side and rest for a bit and regain the energy to do it all over again. Sometimes my foster family puts treats for me in cardboard tubes like paper towel and toilet paper rolls. I enjoy chewing and tossing them around to get the treats out! 

I LOVE attention. If you start petting me, I will beg you to not stop. (Although, you probably won't want to stop once you feel how soft my fur is)! My only two flaws, I am told, are that I am afraid of dogs and that I can't resist chewing on anything rubbery, like charging cables, remote buttons, and elastic bands. I used to dislike being picked up, but I have since gotten much better at tolerating it. Once I take a few minutes to warm up to you, my stretching, yawning, playing, bathing, hopping, and flopping is sure to keep you smiling.

Rosie has been health checked and spayed.
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Animal ID:17-023
Spayed or Neutered?:Yes
Location:Foster Home