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Mon, 07/01/2013 - 23:11 -- Julian
Eloise is a sweet and affectionate bunny who enjoys lots of attention. She is very comfortable as a lap bunny and spends her evenings snuggled up with her foster family to be pet. She loves other animals and would be best suited to a home with another pet. Eloise gets very excited when she hears other animals nearby, and will look around to find her new friend. She is comfortable with both cats and dogs.

Eloise has excellent litter habits and understands the commands "no", "get down", and "in the pen". She is very curious and enjoys window watching. However, she has a radar vision for cables and chewable items, she needs lots of toys to keep her occupied and a well rabbit proofed home.
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Animal ID:17-042
Age:1 year
Spayed or Neutered?:Yes
Location:Foster Home