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Mon, 07/01/2013 - 23:11 -- Julian
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Buddy is happy-go-lucky, glass-half-full senior chocolate lab that just loves, loves, loves people - even if they're complete strangers! He also really loves food, and really, just about everything there is in life! Walks, tennis balls, other dogs, meeting people, going for car rides, yummy treats, lounging around, pets, lots of cuddles, and laying in the kitchen while his foster mom cooks. He is absolutely fine with cats and acts as though they aren't there, even in close proximity.

His happiness and calm energy are remarkable given all that he has been through. Buddy was found stray in Quebec and scheduled for euthanasia at a pound. Thankfully he was saved by another rescue group and then came to KAR. On arrival, Buddy had a large mass on his buttocks, was underweight and was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. He has since had surgery to remove the mass, which was benign, and received treatment for Lyme Disease. He was also neutered, which revealed that Buddy had testicular cancer - thankfully, neutering was curative. Blood work and x-rays indicate he is now in excellent health.

Buddy is an absolute doll, and everyone who meets him falls in love immediately. It should be noted that Buddy does have separation anxiety. He would be best suited for someone who is: retired yet active, those who work from home, or someone who is able to bring him to work (he would be a fabulous office dog!) Buddy has done well with some minor separation training as he's slowly learning to trust his foster parents, and his adopter should continue to work on this with him very slowly.

Buddy walks well on leash and is a good house companion. He doesn't startle or show anxiety in new situations. Buddy is currently enjoying 3 meals a day in order to help him gain a little weight. He also loves snack time.

Buddy is neutered and up to date on vaccines.
More about Buddy
Animal ID:19-028
Breed:Retriever, Labrador
Age:10 years 3 months
Spayed or Neutered?:Yes
Location:Foster Home