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Wed, 03/04/2015 - 18:10 -- Alison
  • Bruce in his sweater and collar

Meet Bruce. Bruce came to us from a shelter. He was suffering from a condition that caused him to chew and scratch at his skin, which was unresolved despite many attempts to treat it. When he arrived in our care he immediately went to the vet for a thorough exam. As you can see, Bruce had to wear a sweater and a cone collar to prevent him from damaging his skin. He also had a very sore back end from chewing at the skin he could reach there.

Based on the location of his injuries, the vet felt Bruce may be suffering from mange. He was treated for this, given a steroid injection to sooth the inflammation and placed on anti-anxiety medication to help him cope with the discomfort. It took a few days for the treatment to begin to work, but now – a little more than a week since he arrived – Bruce is free of his cone collar and not chewing at his skin. He has some injuries that still need to heal, so for now he will continue to wear his sweater but he is getting sweater-free time to groom. We’re so glad you’re feeling better, Bruce!