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To end the suffering of animals with rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, and education.

Mon, 06/23/2014 - 10:18 -- Julian
  • Caspian the rabbit
    Caspian showed signs of a hard life
  • Denny the bunny
    Despite his ordeal, Denny is sweet and outgoing.
  • Bunnies under a car
    Caspian and another rabbit hid under a truck.

All too often bunnies are "set free" when they are no longer wanted. This is an extremely cruel way to rehome a rabbit. Domestic rabbits are not equipped to survive outside on their own. Outside they are simply prey: for parasites, predators and cars.

Over the years we have tracked, chased and captured a number of dumped domestic rabbits. These include Daisy, Samson, Tilly, Charlie, Silas and most recently two bunnies that are part of a trio dumped on Montreal Street. Neighbours spotted an abandon cage one day and three pet bunnies hopping around the neighbourhood.

Denny was the first bunny captured. The next day we learned about the two other bunnies. We managed to catch one just as a severe rainstorm hit and caught the third bunny a few days later. We are grateful that these cuties are safe inside with us, but heartbroken that people continue to discard animals. Learn more about why bunnies should never be released in the wild.