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Tue, 03/17/2015 - 21:54 -- Alison
  • Tessa and her family

A sweet little kitty was living as a stray, struggling to survive in the cold of this harsh winter. Late Friday night she forced her way inside the home of some kind people who had been feeding her. 

Tessa was very pregnant and desperate for a warm place to give birth. Her maternal instinct somehow told her to get inside and get to safety. Thankfully, they gave her that safe place and contacted us for help. Within 24 hours four sweet little kittens had arrived, born inside in the warmth. Had momma not gotten inside who knows what would have happened. 

This beautiful, but unexpected, family comes at a time when our funds are very low. This little momma fought to keep her family safe. We won’t turn our backs on them. We need your help. Their impending medical costs will be approximately $1,500 just for basic vetting – vaccines, deworming, and eventually, spay or neuter. 

Please donate to keep this family healthy and happy, so they can have the future our little momma fought so hard for.