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Fri, 11/13/2015 - 22:18 -- Alison
  • Flash the guinea pig
    Rest in peace, Flash. You are so loved.

This week we made a difficult decision. As a no-kill rescue, we do everything – and we truly mean everything – we can to ensure quality of life for animals in our care. This includes surgeries, specialized treatment and a deep commitment to our animals. About a month ago we told you about our guinea pig, Flash.

Earlier in the summer he wasn’t feeling well and ultimately had dental surgery and surgery to remove a bladder stone. He took a while to recover, but he seemed to be doing well. Last week he travelled to Toronto for a follow up visit. Sadly, x-rays showed that, in just over a month, Flash had developed one large and several small bladder stones. Another surgery was not an option as this was now a recurring and life-long issue. Surgery is traumatic and recovery is difficult. If we chose to pursue surgery Flash’s life would become one of constant pain and challenging recovery followed by chronic recurrence.

Our vet recommended euthanasia. We opted to bring Flash home knowing his foster home needed the chance to say goodbye and that at the moment he was doing okay and not in pain. Earlier today, after a night spent cuddling with his foster mom and having a snack of carrot tops (his favourite), we said goodbye to our sweet Flashie. He started peeing blood earlier this afternoon; we know this was the right decision. But knowing that doesn’t mean the decision was easy. When an animal comes into our care we make a commitment to always make the best choices for them. Sometimes the best choices are the worst choices. We feel Flash’s death deeply and personally. Flash’s devoted and amazing foster mom is in our thoughts tonight as she grieves. We are grateful that he was loved and knew an awesome life of care and safety with her. There is solace in that.

Rest in peace, Flash. You are so loved.