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Thu, 07/17/2014 - 19:38 -- KAR

Wyatt, a ferret, came into our when he was very, very sick. It was a Sunday afternoon and he was immediately rushed to our regional emergency hospital for treatment. He was extremely dehydrated and lethargic. His prognosis was very guarded.

Wyatt responded well to treatment that first night but continued to be very sick in the following days. He required constant monitoring, IV fluids and in-hospital care, alternating between a local vet clinic and the regional hospital for overnight care. Unfortunately, this meant this vet bill climbed very high, very quickly.

After a few days we opted to take him to see a small animal specialist in Toronto to get a full assessment. His tests were inconclusive and his blood count was low. He was to have a blood transfusion and exploratory surgery but on the day of surgery his blood count actually improved and he seemed to be doing better, eating on his own and even playing. We were so optimistic that he had finally turned a corner.

Sadly, the following day Wyatt’s wee, tired, body gave out and he passed. He fought such a long, hard fight all week. His vets were bewildered and still unsure of exactly what had happened. They opted to do an autopsy and further testing free-of-charge to better understand and learn from his case. In the end, it was determined that Wyatt had FIP, a disease most associated with cats (but ferrets can also have it), which is always fatal. Poor Wyatt never really had a chance despite all our work and the love and support of so many. RIP sweet Wyatt, our little warrior.

Wyatt’s round-the-clock medical care in two cities cost more than $4,000. We are grateful for all who supported him. Every life matters, even the wee ones.