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Mon, 07/01/2013 - 23:11 -- Julian
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Tom is a chatty old man who would be happy riding around on someone's shoulder all day, if it wasn't so high up. This full-time snuggler will go to extreme measures to find something to love. If you don't bend down immediately to pet him, he will stand on his tippy toes to push his head into your hand for pets. He is unphased by dogs, other cats, or any human he's met so far- everything is an opportunity to cuddle. If not busy purring because of pets, Tom will use his voice to make the most perfect cat meow. His small adorable meows remind you to either feed him or pet him....these are his only two demands in exchange for silence.

Tom is also a master escape artist. His foster mom took him and his best mate, Bear, into her home intending to keep them quarantined until their vet appointment....Tom can break out of locked rooms and into locked rooms. Frequently, he busts into other foster rooms to see what's up and say hi to whoever is in there. While it's adorable at home, it also means that anytime he is a carrier, he spends the whole time trying to get himself out. It's still pretty cute, but there is concern he'll succeed and one day be unstoppable.

The perfect home for Tom would be one that could also take his brother, Bear. The two aren't related, but they came to the rescue together after their previous owner passed away. They've been through a lot, and Tom honestly needs the company. His ideal human would be home frequently and looking for a social snuggle buddy.
More about Tom
Animal ID:21-030
Breed:Domestic Shorthair
Age:13 years 1 month
Spayed or Neutered?:Yes
Location:Foster Home