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To end the suffering of animals with rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, and education.

Make an immediate difference to an animal in the rescue by providing the medical care they need. From vaccines and spay/neuter to specialized treatments and surgery, your gift will ensure our animals receive the best possible care.

Tax receipts will be issued for all donations through this program. Thank you!



Saved from euthanasia at a non-local shelter, Rex arrived suffering from seizures. But as his epilepsy was controlled with medication, he was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and then he started to drag his back paws. An MRI revealed a compressed disc. Rex had spinal surgery in March and has since been on a long, but successful road to recovery. Completing physical therapy, Rex gained back muscle and stamina. With epilepsy, IBS, anxiety, a slipped disc, and more recently hypothyroidism, Rex is our most expensive rescue. To date, we have spent more than $17,000 on his care.


When we first saw Haley in the flesh, that is exactly what she was: flesh and bone. We saved her from euthanasia knowing that she would have a profoundly difficult journey. Found stray and diabetic, she weighed 50% of what she should. Since her arrival in late March, Haley has had countless vet visits, including a trip to an internal medicine specialist, extensive testing, and she is now on a third type of insulin as she continues to battle the disease. But while we keep up the fight for Haley, her victories along the way, including reaching her ideal weight, have been incredible. And with her gentle presence and doe-like eyes, she has padded her way deeply into our hearts.


Oscar was discovered living stray north of the city when a new family moved into a home nearby. They suspect he was left behind when his former guardians moved away. His finder befriended Oscar and contacted us for help. Joining the rescue on Dec 22, we are grateful this boy is safe inside as winter sets in.


Anya came to the rescue in the summer along with her eight babies. She came from a shelter and before that a very neglectful situation. Very sadly, because of their difficult start, seven of Anya’s eight babies passed away. Equally sad, Anya arrived in our care already pregnant. She gave birth to another nine babies a few short weeks later. Thanks to the proper care she received with the rescue, her second litter had a much better start.


We were alerted to a rabbit abandoned outside in the heat of the summer. When we arrived at the location, we quickly found Rory and attempted to catch her, but she ran into a culvert. We were able to use this to our advantage, closing her in and eventually forcing her into a carrier. Understandably, Rory arrived very fearful of humans. Over time, she was turned into a sassy little bun who loves to beg for treats.


Noah came into the rescue urgently when his guardian contacted us threatening to hurt him. We responded quickly and within hours Noah was in our care. A Flemish Giant, Noah lives up to the big bunny reputation: he is friendly, laid back and a very sweet dude. Noah has already been adopted but he still requires his neuter surgery. Vet clinics have been severely affected by COVID-19, which has led to longer wait times even for routine things like spays and neuters.