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Sat, 12/17/2016 - 12:49 -- Alison
  • Sebastien the cat

Just over three years ago we posted a plea for foster homes so we could save a group of cats scheduled for euthanasia at a high kill shelter in Quebec. Sebastien was one of those cats. His life was spared and he came into our care. Fairly quickly his foster mom noticed that Sebastien seemed to drink more water than a normal cat. Several trips to the vet later, Sebastien was diagnosed with renal lymphoma and his prognosis was poor. Maybe he had a few weeks, a few months at most.

Sebastien surprised us all and, with routine care and prescription food, he lived well beyond what we expected. He was doing fairly well until recently. He lost nearly 1 kg over the course of the last year and didn’t want to eat. This morning it was clear to his foster mom that Sebastien was suffering. The vet confirmed our fears - additional intervention would only have added a few, poor quality days to his life. And so, we made that terrible, difficult decision we always hope not to make and, with his foster mom by his side, we let Sebby go. Rest in peace sweet, sweet boy.