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Mon, 12/27/2021 - 11:22 -- Alison
  • Harper the cat

Harper came into our care in 2014 when we saved him from euthanasia at a non-local shelter. He’s stayed with us all these years because he has both FIV and FeLV. When we commit to an animal, we commit to them for life, even if that means they stay with us forever. Luckily for Harper, he has been with the same wonderful foster home all these years.

At his recent annual check-up Harper was determined to have hyperthyroidism. We opted to provide Harper with radioactive iodine treatment, which destroys the abnormal thyroid tissue without endangering other organs. The treatment doesn’t require anesthesia, eliminates the need for daily medication, and is curative. Harper was hospitalized for about two weeks to receive the treatment. Follow-up testing shows that the treatment was successful and Harper is regaining some of the weight he lost due to the disease.