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Wed, 08/30/2017 - 21:48 -- Alison
  • Paddy the rescued baby bunny

It’s not legal to sell bunnies in Kingston pet stores, but that’s not the case everywhere. This sweetie was spotted in a pet store by one of our supporters looking very sick and weak over the course of the last week. She implored the store to get him medical care, but they refused. So she bought the bunny and we got him the care that he needs. This is not an ideal solution, of course, but it was the only way to address his urgent medical needs.

Paddy was assessed by a vet, received sub-q fluids, pain medication, syringe feeding and was started on antibiotics. Additional testing and x-rays were also done. He is very weak, but we are hopeful. At the pet store Paddy was a product not worth the cost of medical care. But to us Paddy is a beautiful baby bunny with all the potential in the world and deserving of every chance we can give him.

Paddy fought for a long time and at times seemed to be improving. Sadly, he developed a septic infection and we ultimately had to make the decision to end his suffering. RIP sweet, sweet boy.