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Mon, 07/01/2013 - 23:11 -- Julian
Flip came to the rescue along with his siblings when they were found in a box on the side of a road when they were just babies. Thankfully a kind person helped them and eventually they came into our care.

Flip is a lovely, gentle boy who is curious but also shy. He is athletic and smart. Flip will gladly sit to be petted, and will stretch out into a looooong bunny flop if you rub his back. His favourite perch to be pet on also faced the window, where he loves to look and lick at things going by. Like most bunnies, Flip does not like the transition from being picked up to put down, but once he is up, he is good for a little and enjoys a cuddle in his foster mom's arms.

Flip takes a little while to get comfortable in a new home, but once he has had some time, his confidence grows and he will explore. He does well with light supervision when he is free range, he listens well and engages when he's spoken to, and his litterbox habits are excellent. Flip LOVES dandelion greens and fresh parsley, as well as his hay and pellets.

Flip is a social guy with humans and furry friends alike. He greets his foster mom with a head-toss every time she enters the room, and he comes to the gate and up on his hind legs to say hi. He has lived in a home with cats and was very accepting of them. He likes routines and performs his favourite binky dance when he knows it's feeding time.

Flip has been health checked and is neutered.
More about Flip
Animal ID:20-032b
Breed:New Zealand
Age:3 years 1 month
Spayed or Neutered?:Yes
Location:Foster Home